Seeing is deceiving.
It's eating that's believing.

James Thurber

Extreme Cakes

Have an idea for an over the top cake? We’d love to make your vision a reality. So, let your imagination run wild! We’ll make it happen. We were honored to have our extreme Circus Cake feature on TLC’s Outrageous Kid’s Parties.

Here are more of our extreme cakes. Click on photos to enlarge.

What about a cake featuring:

  • A favorite vacation spot.
  • A themed cake for a special event.
  • A whimsical upside down cake.
  • An animated cake


Each Extreme Cake is a custom creation and will vary greatly on the details, supplies and the price. Please contact us for a free consultation about your extreme cake. We ask for a minimum of two weeks’ notice. However, we do book up for special events. So, plan early.

Because our extreme cakes involve a great deal of time and materials, we require a deposit when you are ordering your cake.


We use a variety of edible ingredients in our extreme cakes, including your typical fondant, chocolate modeling clay, and candy accents. But, we also use some other surprises, depending on the cake design and requirements. All elements of your cake will be edible, with the exception of any motorized pieces that may be needed.

We will be glad to avoid any ingredients because of food allergies or personal preferences. Please let us know about any special considerations when placing your order.

Cake Flavors and Fillings

At Sweet Confections, we pride ourselves on delivering cakes and desserts that not only look beautiful, but also taste great! Our Extreme Cakes are available in most of our cake flavors and fillings. We can also provide a variety of flavors in different areas of the cake.