Seeing is deceiving.
It's eating that's believing.

James Thurber

Special Diets

Special Baked Good

Today, many people suffer from food allergies and intolerance.  At Sweet Confections, we know first hand what its like avoid cake for birthday celebration, or cookies and desserts at holiday. That’s why we offer baked goods and catering items to meet even the strictest diets. Some of our more common requests are:

  • sugar free (no sugar added) for diabetic diet
  • gluten free for celiac diet
  • vegan (no meat or animal products)
  • dairy free for lactose intolerant
  • peanut free and nut free
  • egg free

So, if you have been missing a special treat because of diet, call us. We’d love to help. We understand the importance of ensuring our items are not contaminated in any way. We go to great lengths to ensure your finished product is safe for your diet. Please let us know of any special requirements when you place your order.

Meal Planning

Starting a restrictive diet can be overwhelming and confusing whether its a long term lifestyle change, or a short term solution. The staff at Sweet Confections can work with your doctor or dietitian to prepare meals that meet your dietary requirements. Then, we will prepare a week’s worth of prepackaged meals especially for you. All meals are packaged in individual servings and stored in your freezer. Eating right has never been easier!

This is a great way for patients to adjust to a new diet quickly and easily. Caregivers also appreciate this option when they will be out of town. If you routinely provide meals for an elderly loved one, we can help. Call us in advance of any planned trips and we will prepare meals according to your specifications. You can rest assured your loved one will have nutritious meals on hand even when you aren’t around.  Prepackaged meals are also a great gift option for older people who live alone. Contact us for details.